Self Hypnosis Trance

Format for a Self Hypnosis Trance

Basic breathing and physical relaxation to get into a relaxed state of mind is the first step for any self hypnosis or meditation session. The following two audios, from my site on meditation, guide you through the basic breathing and relaxation routine commonly used to enter a good self hypnosis trance. You can also use the visualizations for meditation (on my meditation website) available here and here to deepen your trance state and put you in a positive frame of mind for you self hypnosis session.

Breathing Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Progressive Relaxation Exercise

The Format For An Effective Self-Hypnosis Routine 

1. Follow the basic physical and mental relaxation technique as outlined above. When you have done this then do the following:

Say “ I will countdown from 10 down to 1 and with each descending number I will relax more and more”. 

Then say “ 10, I am relaxing more and more, 9, I am relaxing more and more…” and so on all the way down to one. 

This serves as a mental anchor associating a 10-1 count down with deep relaxation. You could also imagine standing at a staircase of 10 steps and each step down makes you more and more relaxed (in this method imagine taking each step down after you say the number). You could also imagine that you are writing each number on a blackboard and erasing it for the next one. Whatever works best for you.

2. When you have done your 10-1 countdown after your basic relaxation practice you are in a very relaxed state of mind and body. At this point you could set an anchor, such as by using three fingers of either hand (by pressing them together, lightly), or just the thumb and forefinger like a more traditional meditation posture.

You could also do one of the visualization techniques for meditation to create an even better inner state and anchor that state. You can set the anchor as many times as you like i.e. after each technique you do. This will make your anchor very strong. Later when you need to access calm, confident and happy states of mind all you will have to do is press your three fingers together (triggering your anchor).

3. Now you practice your chosen visualization for self hypnosis from a the list provided on the self hypnosis techniques page. Take your time and repeat your visualization several times. You can also use affirmations but visualizations tend to be more effective. Remember to include as many sense in your visualization as you can. See yourself there, hear the sounds, feel what you should feel etc. The more vivid the visualization the better will be your reprogramming self hypnosis session.

4. When you are done with your affirmations and visualizations and are ready to end your meditation/self-hypnosis practice do a 1-5 ‘count up’ with the intent of becoming fully alert and re-energized when you are done. This counting also serves as an anchor for you as you get used to becoming fully alert and aware at the end of it.

Start by saying, “I am going to count from 1 to 5 and with each ascending number I will become more alert and aware ready and able to have a wonderful day/evening”  . then start by saying “1 more alert and aware, 2 feeling refreshed and reenergized, 3, ….5, alert and feeling wonderfully refreshed”. Open your eyes when you say 5 then say the last affirmation and you’re done.