Self Hypnosis Techniques

Self Hypnosis Techniques For Subconscious Reprogramming

1. Mental Rehearsal: 


  1. Professional Athletes spend time not only practicing but also mentally rehearsing their moves
  2. Studies have shown that this mental rehearsal improves actual performance and 
  3. Sports psychologists teach it all the time.

Exercise: Think of an activity that you would like to excel at. Spend time visualizing each move exactly how you want to do it. Do this in detail. Then repeat the visualization several times, before and after trying out the activity you want to improve your skill at and making adjustments as you need to. Do the visualization after practicing the proper procedures for a good self hypnosis trance.

2. Affirmations. Study how affirmations are constructed on the affirmations page and in the audios here and make some more suited to your particular way of viewing the world. Go into your self hypnosis trance and reprogram your mind by repeating back the affirmations.

3. Swish Pattern From NLP: This technique involves replacing an old image of a habit (something you want to change/be-gone) with something you do want. Practice in a trance using a binuaral beats audio to get to e deeper, and thus more powerful, level of mind. Explanation of the swish pattern is located here online. Or you could just learn from this video;