This self hypnosis audio contains affirmations and suggestions for better relationships. It also contains an advanced sound technology, called binaural beats, that will help you relax immediately. Mind and body. Use stereo headphones to get the full relaxation benefits of this audio. The best way to listen to this audio is in a chair with your back straight, arms by your side and your feet flat on the ground, or, you can lay down, with your back straight and feet and arms uncrossed. Do not use any sort of machinery while listening to this audio as it’s designed for deep relaxation.

The following are basic tips for developing a relationship;

  • Be careful of assuming you know what is going on in your relationship. It is normal for a person that they know what their partner likes and dislikes. However, we are often assuming we know these likes and dislikes from our own preferences. If we like or dislike something we assume that is true for the other person  in the relationship and we act accordingly. Men and women both do this. Don’t assume you know find out.
  • Another assumption that is common is that ‘if he/she really loves me he/she will know what I need and want’. Again, don’t assume. Make sure your other half knows exactly what you want and need. You both will be happier
  • This last tip is probably the most obviously but that doesn’t detract from its importance. Talk often and ask questions. If you don’t have good conversations you will drift apart. Going out to restaurants or picnics is a great way to liven up your conversations. Also ask questions to understand what your other half likes, dislikes, wants and needs. Then discuss your own and seek to compromise through your greater understanding of each other where necessary. Being open and honest – and forthright – will help you both enjoy your relationship to a greater degree and you can grow together.