Motivation is what drives you to do something. Fear or stress can be a motivating force (such as getting work done before a deadline) and so can excitement and fun (such as working on a hobby). The type of motivation most of us want to feel is the positive kind where you are excited and looking forward to your task. Sometimes you have the positive kind of motivation when you start a diet but after a while you lose this and try to force yourself. There are many techniques for keeping yourself motivated – or at least keep your momentum while your motivation wanes and waxes. Self-hypnosis is a very effective way to keep your motivation going and increasing.

The following self hypnosis audio contains affirmations and suggestions to help you increase your motivation. It also contains an advanced sound technology, called binaural beats, that will help you relax immediately. Mind and body. Use stereo headphones to get the full relaxation benefits of this audio. The best way to listen to this audio is in a chair with your back straight, arms by your side and your feet flat on the ground, or, you can lay down, with your back straight and feet and arms uncrossed. Do not use any sort of machinery while listening to this audio as it’s designed for deep relaxation.

Tips for Motivation

Set short-term goals (1 day or 1 week) and meet them no matter how you feel. If you keep accomplishing your goals you will build momentum and this momentum will start to motivate you even when you feel unmotivated.

Choose to be motivated. Focus on the positive. Meditate on your goals and do visualizations in detail of how you want to act and how you will act with motivation.

Take a break. No one can be motivated all the time.

Concentration is something everyone needs to get work done. You do your best work when you can remove extraneous thoughts from your mind and concentrate soley on your task. Sometimes we just don’t like what we have to do so concentration and motivation become very difficult. Overcoming subconscious obstacles to being motivated to concentrate is necessary for everyone (and can be done with proper use of the audio above).